What will I learn in the preparatory programme?   

In the programme, you acquire skills required in the entrance exam­i­na­tions to higher educa­tion insti­tu­tions and develop your compe­tences needed during degree studies. 

As a part of your studies, you explore a profes­sional field of your interest. In your appli­ca­tion form, you choose one (1) profes­sional field that you are most inter­ested about. Options are: 

1) busi­ness studies;  

2) social and health care;  

3) engi­neering; or  

4) other non-field specific group 

The programme focuses on improving your English language level. You develop your acad­emic skills, increase your knowl­edge of Finnish higher educa­tion studies and brush up your digital and math­e­mat­ical skills. In addi­tion to English language studies, this programme also includes Finnish or Swedish language studies.  

Curriculum in more detail 

This programme is 30 credits. It includes common studies and field-specific studies.  

Common studies (20 credits) include: 

Intro­duc­tion to Finnish Higher Educa­tion and Study Skills (2 credits); 

Intro­duc­tion to Finnish Society and Culture (1 credit); 

Digital skills (2 credits); 

Career Coun­selling (1 credit); 

Math­e­matics (3 credits); 

Improve Your English from B1 to B2 Level (6 credits); and  

Finnish Language or Swedish Language (5 credits) 

Photo: Nursing teacher and nursing students prac­ticing

Field-specific studies (10 credits) 

In your appli­ca­tion, you need to specify which field-specific group you are applying for.  

Your field-specific studies will be: 

Group 1) Engi­neering and Profes­sional English (10 credits); 

Group 2) Social services, Health Care and Profes­sional English (10 credits); 

Group 3) Intro­duc­tion to Busi­ness and Profes­sional English (10 credits); or  

Group 4) Non-field specific and Profes­sional English (10 credits) 

In your accep­tance letter, we will inform you what field-specific study group you have been accepted to. 

Photo: Engi­neering students prac­ticing

How will I study?   

The full-time studies start in September 2023. The extent of the prepara­tory educa­tion is 30 credits, and the dura­tion is 6 months. The studies take about 35 hours a week.  

The course is held online, and you can partic­i­pate regard­less of where you live. The online meet­ings are orga­nized daily. You can, if you wish, partic­i­pate in some face-to-face meet­ings at one of the nearest partic­i­pating UAS campuses.  

In the e‑learning envi­ron­ment, you study inde­pen­dently and in groups. In online studies it is impor­tant to be active and take respon­si­bility for your own learning.  

Photo: Busi­ness students at campus